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Trai Turner Says Kendrick Green Makes ‘Majority of Calls,’ Constantly Improving



PITTSBURGH — The Steelers offensive line is lined with youth and hunger. So far through two weeks, that has led the Steelers to get Ben Roethlisberger hit a lot.

However, there is promise shown by the young players, including rookie center Kendrick Green. For a veteran guard like Trai Turner who has been around for a bit, he knows what a quality center looks like. And to him, Green’s work ethic and what he is doing now are already impressive.

“He goes out there and he makes the majority of the calls,” Turner said. “I think that’s phenomenal for a person that has only been with the team for what for months? I think he’s gonna keep doing it and keep getting better at it.”

Green is a guy who is trying to show growth. While he has struggled at times to deal with power, there have already been plenty of enough flashes to be extremely satisfied with the physical tools and what he could be. When Turner looks back on how he was when he was young, he sees a lot of the same experiences being shared among the rookie center.

“It is patience with him,” Turner said. “That is something that wears thin in this league, but I know what it was like when you had fifteen people telling you to do one thing. This is a good time to improve. It’s a little unfamiliar when you don’t exactly know when to or how to. It’s being an ear more than anything. Sometimes, you can help people out more by listening than talking. So, just asking him what he needs help with, and me helping put the corrections in and also having our coaches handle that.”

While Green continues to mature, Turner and the coaching staff will be right beside him. For a player who only made four starts at center in college, he is really learning a new position and getting comfortable with it. So, the experience will come with time, especially since he is making the protection calls.

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