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Tre Norwood Looking to be the Steelers’ Swiss Army Knife



Tre Norwood

The Steelers secondary is undergoing quite the change. With Mike Hilton and Steven Nelson gone, this team needs options across the board. That includes the safety position, where Terrell Edmunds is now playing on an expiring contract on top of already shoddy depth.

Despite that, the Steelers only drafted one defensive back in the draft. That man would happen to be Oklahoma’s Tre Norwood. After playing two years on the boundary, Norwood was moved to play lots of nickel cornerback and safety afterward. He believes it can make him truly valuable.

“I’m just a guy who can play any position on the back end,” Norwood said. “Wherever the coaches need me, whether it’s corner, nickel, safety, I’m all for it.”

Norwood specifically is vying for the role that starting cornerback Cam Sutton held in the last few seasons with Pittsburgh. Interestingly, Norwood and Sutton have some experience together and have a mentor-apprentice relationship growing.

“Cam (Sutton) and I train at the same spot,” Norwood said. “I kinda knew him before I had got here. He actually reached out to me after the draft. He kinda extended his arms as a big brother.”

Norwood detailed a topsy-turvy last year at Oklahoma, where he would seldom have one set position.

“This last season, I would play a great amount at nickel and safety,” Norwood said. “I would go back and forth.”

Norwood noted that he is comfortable working wherever the coaches asked him to play. As for what the Steelers are having him do, Norwood’s versatility is being used.

“It’s kind of a little bit of everything right now,” Norwood said. “Moving forward, if that’s what my role will be, I’ll be glad to take on that role.”

Last season, Sutton, who Norwood’s versatility compares to, played outside cornerback, nickel cornerback, dimebacker, free safety, and strong safety at various points in the year. It is harnessing his versatility that will allow Norwood to stick on the Steelers roster.

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