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Two-Thirds of Country to Get Steelers-Bengals Broadcast on CBS



Steelers Bengals Najee Harris

Most of Steelers Nation outside of Western Pennsylvania will be able to tune in to the Steelers-Bengals Week 1 opener on Sunday at Paycor Stadium, according to a TV map of Sunday’s NFL games provided by 506 Sports. The Pittsburgh-Cincinnati game will be the widest distribution of any of CBS’ early 1 p.m. broadcasts.

Nearly the entire western two-thirds of the country will have the game, along with most of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia — the teams’ home markets.

Steelers fans in the New England-Miami, Baltimore-New York, Cleveland-Carolina and Indianapolis-Houston TV markets or surrounding areas will not be able to view the game. Fans in the Harrisburg and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania won’t be able to view the Steelers game either, as Harrisburg is considered to be in the Baltimore TV market, and the north central counties of Pennsylvania are in the Buffalo TV market and will get the Patriots-Dolphins game instead.

Nearly the entire state of Oklahoma will get the Browns-Panthers game because of Baker Mayfield, while a good portion of the state of Alabama will get the Patriots-Dolphins game because of Mac Jones and Tua Tagovailoa.

506 Sports

Out of town fans that don’t get the CBS broadcast will be able to watch through NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV.

Ian Eagle, Charles Davis and Evan Washburn will call the Steelers-Bengals game for CBS.

The Steelers’ Week 2 game against the New England Patriots will be on CBS, as well. The team’s first national broadcast will be against the Cleveland Browns on Sept. 22, which will be featured on Amazon Prime Video. The Steelers have nine games scheduled to air on CBS this season, and they’re all 1 p.m. kickoffs.

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