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Former Steelers LB Vince Williams Confused by Devin Bush’s Career



Steelers LB Devin Bush

Devin Bush’s tenure with the Steelers did not go how either side envisioned it working out. A torn ACL and suboptimal play after returning to the field caused Bush to fall out of favor, with his fifth-year option declined and Bush off to Seattle for his fifth NFL season.

Playing with him for two seasons, Vince Williams saw just about every side of Bush. However, even to him, what happened with his career is basically a mystery. Even Bush himself is largely a mystery to Williams. Appearing on the Steelers Sanctuary podcast, Williams went in depth to discuss Bush.

“I think Devin is a mystery to me,” Williams said. “I’ve seen people say that Devin doesn’t love football but he really loves football. That was evident in his rookie year. He had a tremendous amount of upside. I think that the knee injury did play a role in his development and how far he fell behind. He was also a very young guy coming into the league as a 20-year-old and that is a difficult thing to handle.”

However, just because Bush did not work with the Steelers, does not mean that Williams does not see him having a productive NFL career. In fact, because of his youth, there could still be some upside to be had with Bush. Williams believes that Bush could have a long and fruitful NFL career.

“I just think he’s going to have a productive NFL career because he’s so young,” Williams said. “Even if he plays only until he’s 30, that’s 10 years in the league. I’m just saying, with that type of athletic ability, you never know what can happen.”

Bush has a chance to make an impact in Seattle, who are thin at inside linebacker. It will be a new set of guys to play around and a new scheme to learn, but by the end of everything, it seemed that Bush needed a change of scenery. Maybe, that can help Bush grow into his full potential.

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