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2021 NFL Draft

Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley Meets with Steelers, Gets Advice from Mike Tomlin



It has been noted in recent weeks that the Steelers are looking at defensive backs heavily. Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert have taken a specific interest in players like Eric Stokes and Asante Samuel Jr over the two weeks. Senior defensive assistant Teryl Austin, who heavily helps out with the defensive backs, made the trip to Blacksburg on Friday. And while he was not working out, Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley was at the very least an attraction. Prior to Friday, Farley noted he had talked to the Steelers.

“Yes, I spoke on a Zoom call with Pittsburgh and Coach Tomlin was on there,” Farley said. “I feel like we had a great conversation, I really enjoyed speaking to him. I feel like he had a lot of great points for me to take in.”

On the conversation of those specific points of advice that Farley mentioned, Tomlin gave Farley some very poignant advice to his situation.

“He said to just stay true to me,” Farley said. “Not being affected by the reports, the things or people just talking negatively about my situation.”

As for that situation that Farley referred to, he had a microdiscectomy on Tuesday of this week. Farley noted that it was a flare-up relating to an injury he suffered over a year ago. According to Farley, he herniated his L5 disc while performing a deadlift. During that deadlift, he also suffered a bulging S1 disk. While he had the L5 disc repaired, it was the S1 that never healed. That is what Farley had taken care of on Tuesday. After his surgery, Farley is looking forward to the next step in his process.

“This injury is not related to my other back injury,” Farley said. “That was great news. I’m actually excited.”

When he is healthy, Farley is hoping that the insane athleticism that he pointed out comes into play. But more importantly, he wants coaches to call upon his number against the best of the best.

“I would love for a coach to come to me and say to me take out this team’s best wide receiver,” Farley said. “If he goes for 150 yards, that’s on me. I love that.”

The back injuries will have to be vetted. However, until recently, Farley was thought of as a potential Top-10 pick. The intrigue to pick him at 24 is undeniable.