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‘We Believe in Matt Canada’: Najee Harris Gives Impassioned Defense of Steelers Offensive Coordinator



Steelers OC Matt Canada Najee Harris

PITTSBURGH — Many fans have already decided that Matt Canada will be gone in 2023, but don’t tell that to Steelers running back Najee Harris.

With much noise already saying that Canada could or should be out the door, Harris gave a passionate defense of his offensive coordinator following the Steelers’ 28-14 victory over the Cleveland Browns. He placed the blame for offensive struggles off Canada and onto the players’ shoulders.

“We all believe in (Matt) Canada,” Harris said. “Everybody says he calls the same plays, but everyone runs the same plays, everywhere. It’s just dressed up in a different way. If you really know Xs and Os, that’s really what it is. So, all of that play-calling stuff, I think that’s just a coverup for things that we were doing on the field as players. I never bought into none of that. Honestly, I didn’t look at any of it. As players, we’re the ones that have to make plays. He put us in the best positions and they can say what they want about running the same plays, but it’s the same everywhere.”

No matter what Najee Harris says, there is some evidence working against Canada and his situational play calling especially. He, at times, has badly hurt the Steelers over the course of the season. Should Canada be back in 2023? That is anyone’s guess as to if that will happen, but it should be expected that at this stage, he is unlikely to return to that role for the reasons the team struggling offensively.

It seemed like some of the basic things they never overcame. There were consistent penalties that held them back throughout the season, such as consistent penalties that they never overcame. The Steelers need more talent on offense, but the coaching never raised it to that level, either.