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Who Do Steelers Need to Root for to Maximize Playoffs Odds?



Steelers Ben Raiders Playoffs

One in one thousand — that’s the odds of the Pittsburgh Steelers making the 2022 NFL Playoffs, according to the data analysts at Five Thirty Eight, who give the Steelers a 0.1% chance of making the postseason entering Week 15.

Even if the Steelers win all of their remaining games to finish 9-8, they would still be big underdogs to make the playoffs and need a lot of help. So where will that help come from and who should the Steelers be rooting for this week?


Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns: The Steelers need to beat the Browns to finish 9-8, which will put Cleveland solidly behind Pittsburgh. And even if the Steelers win out and the Ravens lose out, Baltimore will still hold the tiebreaker. So this one doesn’t really matter to the Steelers.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills: Unlike the Ravens, if the Dolphins fall apart, the Steelers can pass them. The Bills are out of reach, so this is easy. Let’s go Buffalo.


Dallas Cowboys at Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags only have a 1% chance of making the playoffs as a Wild Card — but that’s better than the Steelers chances. A loss to the Cowboys would make that zero. How bout them Cowboys?

Detroit Lions at New York Jets: This is one of the big ones. The Jets losing would bump the Steelers up about 2% in the playoff odds. Because of their lead-to-head loss, the Steelers need all the help they can get in passing New York. Let’s go Lions.

New England Patriots at Las Vegas Raiders: The Steelers and Raiders are tied at 5-8, but play each other down the stretch in a must-win game for Pittsburgh. Because of the Steelers head-to-head loss to the Pats, this is another big game when it comes to rooting for a winner. Just win, baby.

Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans: The Chargers are well ahead of the Steelers at 7-6, and even though they’re not in a current playoff spot, a lot of the same help the Steelers are rooting for is what the Chargers are rooting for, too. A loss to the Titans would help bring LA back to the pack, and the Titans are the only AFC South team with a chance to make it as a wild card, so the Steelers want them to win the division. A win-win. Titan up!

Cincinnati Bengals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Unlike the Ravens, the Steelers are still in reach of the Bengals via tie-breaker. The chance is small, but it’s better than nothing. Let’s go Bucs.


So if the Steelers beat the Panthers and get all that help, what will their chances of making the playoffs be at that point? Just 2%. But hey, it’s something.

On the other hand, if the Steelers lose to the Panthers, and one or two other things happen, they could be eliminated this week.

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