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YouTube Reveals NFL Sunday Ticket Pricing Plan



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YouTube TV revealed its pricing plan for NFL Sunday Ticket on Tuesday morning, and it’s not any different from their predecessor at Direct TV. It’s still all-or-nothing. Fans won’t be able to purchase out-of-market games for just one team, which is something that the NBA has with NBA League Pass. For certain, this is disappointing news for out-of-market Steelers fans (which there are a lot of), who’ve been hoping for a change.

The pricing for NFL Sunday Ticket under YouTube TV is pretty hefty also. For YouTube TV subscribers, the package will cost $349 for the season, but it’s $249 if purchased before June 6. RedZone can be added for $40 for the full season, making the total price $289. It will cost $389 total with red zone if purchased after June 6.

Non-YouTube TV subscribers will have to dish out $449 for the season ($349 early) and the RedZone bundles are also offered. So $389 total before June 6 and $489 after. Many fans have been calling for single-team options, but that will not be part of the arrangement, at least for 2023.

NFL Sunday Ticket launched in 1994 and has been distributed on DirecTV’s satellite service since its inception. So you’ll no longer need a satellite dish or subscribe to DirecTV for the package, you’ll just need adequate WiFi. The package is a lot more accessible, but the pricing is still not friendly to consumers. Sunday Ticket costs $60 more per year on YouTube than it did on DirecTV, and that’s with the pre-sale discount. Without that discount it costs $160 more.

On December 22, 2022, the league announced that NFL Sunday Ticket would move exclusively to YouTube TV and YouTube’s recently launched Primetime Channels service for residential customers. The league then announced on March 28, 2023, that it has partnered with RedBird Capital to form a new company called EverPass Media to distribute commercial rights to the package, allowing bars, restaurants, casinos, and other commercial venues to continue showing games without reconfiguring their systems to accommodate a streaming-only platform.

The deal is valued at roughly $2 billion annually over the course of seven years. DirecTV had been paying $1.5 billion a year for the rights, losing about $500 million annually.

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