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Antonio Brown Rips Steelers Legend Hines Ward In Latest Rant



Steelers Antonio Brown

If he didn’t go off the rails, former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown was on path to absolutely obliterate Hines Ward’s franchise records. He needed at least two more seasons to surpass Ward’s feats. Instead, Ward’s 1,000 receptions for 12,083 yards and 85 touchdowns remain all-time highs for a Steelers receiver. Brown had 837 catches with the Steelers for 11,207 and 74 touchdowns.

Overall, Brown recorded more career receiving yards with 12,291. He had 83 touchdowns with 928 catches over 146 career games. While Ward had better numbers with the Steelers, it took him 217 games compared to 130 for Brown.

Brown’s run of 100+ receptions and 1,000+ receiving yards in six straight years (2013-2018) is unprecedented in NFL history. For that reason, he should be considered for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but longevity and a slew of off-the-field issues will likely hold him back from being first-ballot. He disagrees, however.

Brown recently said on the Cam Capone News podcast that he plans on going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2027 as a Steeler. He also unleashed on Ward in the process.

“Obviously I’m gonna go down with the Steelers, I got more stats than Hines Ward and receiving yards,” Brown said. “Yeah, he can’t f*** with me like, he can’t even wear my jock strap. Hines Ward is my stepson.

“He’s a baby wipe, I’m constipated and I’m still s****ing on him,” Brown added. “And I had to deal with more adversity and more criticism. I’m letting you know what a guy got to deal with when he been so great. Hines Ward can’t f*** with me.”

Ward isn’t the only former Steelers receiver to get blasted by Brown recently, as AB also ripped JuJu Smith-Schuster for winning team MVP over him in 2018. Brown has been making the rounds on podcasts lately.

“At that time in 2018, I think I had 15 touchdowns, leading the NFL, 100-something, 1,200, 1,300 yards,” Brown said in an interview with VladTV. “Then we had another young receiver. And you know the NFL is all about, even the Steelers now they’ve got two receivers they pit against each other. I think they gave the kid MVP over me. But I already had three or four.

“But for me, in my mind, MVP is Most Valuable Player. That goes out there and puts his soul on the line, heart on the line and help the team win. In my mind, that’s how I looked at it. And those guys were looking at it. We’re trying to build up another player to try and be who I am. And in the midst of that, I was like, we’re never going to win with that type of energy. So I’m going to request [a trade] and test the market and do what’s best for me.”