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Bill Cowher Gets Limited-Edition Can From Pittsburgh Beer Company




Pittsburgh Steelers fans can soon combine two of their favorite things: Chugging Iron City beer and reminiscing about Bill Cowher.

Per a recent article from Pittsburgh Magazine’s Kristy Locklin, Pittsburgh Brewing Company (PBC) recently announced a limited-edition can of its iconic brew featuring Cowher’s chin –– uncharacteristically turned upward into a smile (check it out right here).

While Steelers fans can’t secure this exclusive artwork just yet, Locklin mentions it will be available “by the beginning of October.”

Personally, I love the news. As I type this article, a box of iconic Steelers-related Iron City beer cans sits behind me in my closet.

You know what? I’ll prove it:


So this limited-edition Cowher can not only honors the legendary and beloved Hall of Fame Steelers coach but it carries on the tradition of Iron City Beer putting some of the city’s most iconic figures on its cans.

You love to see that.

My only gripe?

They needed to brew a high-ABV sour beer for the occasion. Yes, that would be insane.

But hear me out.

Equip your best Yinzer accent and repeat after me:

“Bill Cowher’s Power Sour”

Oh yes. Say it again.

Bill Caher’s Paher Saher

That’s glorious. Hearing that ring out across the North Shore on Sundays would bring a black-and-gold tear to my eye.

For now though? Sticking to Iron City is probably the move. It’s tough to turn down a cold Arn.

And it’ll be tough to throw away the can with Cowher’s smile beaming back atcha as you make your way to the dumpster.