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Cam Heyward Thinks People Have Judged Kenny Pickett Too Quickly



Kenny Pickett Cam Heyward

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cam Heyward thinks people have judged quarterback Kenny Pickett too quickly.

Appearing in a episode of Ferrall Coast to Coast on SiriusXM Radio, Heyward said that Pickett is still growing as a player through his first two seasons, and pointed out that he himself did not start until his third season in the NFL.

“The scrutiny already for a quarterback is insane,” Heyward said. “You’ll get guys have never played saying that a quarterback should be this. And then if they’re not Pat Mahomes, as soon as they step on the field, they’re inconsistent.

“For me, there is growth. For me personally, I didn’t play my first two years. I started my fifth game in my third season. … I had to go through a growth in my profession. I don’t think we award people the growth in our league enough. I think there’s time to keep improving.”

The Steelers seem committed to giving Pickett another shot, as head coach Mike Tomlin and president Art Rooney II have said in their post-season comments. And while that may not be a message that is shared by all of the locker room, the team’s long-tenured captain and spiritual heart and soul seems to be fully on board.

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“I think Kenny can be a heck of a quarterback in this league,” Heyward said. “For people to write him off right now, I think is [crazy].”

Pickett did improve from 2022 to 2023, putting up an 81.4 passer rating and a 5.29 adjusted net yards per attempt last season, up from 76.7 and 4.70 in his rookie season. He was an identical 7-5 in games he started, though Pickett didn’t finish three of those games in 2023 with injuries. All three ended up as Steelers losses.