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Cam Heyward to Receive Honorary Doctorate from Carlow



Cam Heyward

Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive tackle Cam Heyward, along with Carnegie Mellon University Professor Wendy Goldman, will receive an honorary doctorate from Carlow University in Oakland as announced by the university this past weekend. The doctorate will not be because of his stellar on-the-field career, but because of his off-the-field work.

The press release from Carlow says that the doctorate degrees are “for their commitment to mercy values” specifically the duos “commitment to mercy and social justice.” Heyward will receive a honorary Doctorate of Science degree while Goldman will receive a honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree.

For Heyward, the university specifically names two of his charitable acts. The first is the Heyward House, started in 2015 by Heyward’s mother Charlotte and his wife Allie to help underserved youth in the inner-city of Pittsburgh and Atlanta, where Cam was raised by his mother Charlotte and late father Craig “Ironhead” Heyward. It also mentioned a new initiative called “Craig’s Closet,” that the foundation started, which provides young males suits and dress clothing for graduations, job interviews, internships, and other formal events.

“Cameron’s distinguished service to the community and his own accomplishments both on and off the football field are traits that serve to better mankind,” said Carlow University President Kathy W. Humphrey, PhD. “Cam’s perseverance to complete his college education reinforces Carlow’s heritage of transforming generations by making educational opportunities accessible to all.”

At the ceremony, which will take place at Carlow’s commencement day on Mother’s Day May 8, the school will also honor Heyward’s grandmother. Judy Howsare Jordan, who graduated from Carlow University in 1965. She will be honored for living her Carlow values and making a transformational impact on the lives of her family and the generations who will continue to benefit from their life’s work.

As for Goldman, she will be honored because of her many published, edited and co-authored books having to do with topics ranging from the Soviet war front in WWII to women’s issues today.

“Dr. Goldman’s honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree is an acknowledgement of her dedication to the service of humankind, which aligns with the ideals and values of Carlow University,” said President Humphrey. “Her historical scholarship and teaching along with published works and commitment to mercy and social justice reinforce Carlow’s heritage of developing students to be responsible leaders in their communities and professions.”