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Cam Newton Thinks Mike Tomlin Will Get the Most Out of Justin Fields



Pittsburgh Steelers Trade Target Chicago Bears Quarterback Justin Fields

After a tumultuous three-year tenure with the Chicago Bears that featured two head coaches and three offensive coordinators, quarterback Justin Fields will finally be in a stable situation with Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’ll also get the chance to learn from nine-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson.

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback and League MVP in 2015, Cam Newton, thinks learning from Tomlin and Wilson is the perfect setting for Fields to get his career on track.

“Mike Tomlin is doing what I just said. He’s developing Justin Fields. Hey, we’re gonna bring in a veteran that you can see not only in his preparation on the field, but how does he take care of his body? I want you to study that. And then he’s on the one-year contract. If he does not produce, then you will be inserted to take on that. And you’re still young enough, yes, to be labeled a franchise guy,” Newton said on the latest Club Shay Shay podcast with Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe.

“So it’s chess here and if anybody can coach Justin Fields, it’s Mike Tomlin because he knows the struggles. He knows how to, the vernacular, or choice of words to get through to his quarterbacks in that type of manner.”

Newton recently touched on Fields’ situation and how he was traded out of Chicago. The Bears are expected to draft USC quarterback Caleb Williams at No. 1 overall.

“Justin Fields is finding out firsthand that this is a business, and unfortunately (it) hasn’t been in his favor,” Newton said on his podcast 4th & 1. “And it wasn’t up to him to be traded. It was a collision course, it was about to be a train wreck. Hell, his experience there was a train wreck.”

Newton feels like team’s have little patience with quarterbacks anymore. If there’s no signs of potential in 2-3 years, team’s are looking for a replacement.

“Not just the Chicago Bears, but a lot of organizations are feeling the heat. And you really only got two to potentially three years to show you’re good, because the NFL has changed. We’re not allowing players to develop anymore. We’re trying to sell jerseys, we’re trying to win football games, and we’re trying to win a Super Bowl … yesterday,” Newton said. “So, I don’t give a damn about developing. You got to already come in able to compartmentalize personal versus professional. “Professional manage a locker room where you are now thrust into a CEO role where you have to manage the owner, off the field, general manager, head coach, position coach and players. And for Caleb Williams, that’s a tall task. That’s a tall order. That’s not to say he can’t do it, but he must understand what he’s getting himself into.”