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Cleveland Browns Player Carjacked at Gunpoint



Steelers Browns CB Greg Newsome II

Cleveland Browns cornerback Greg Newsome II had his vehicle stolen at gunpoint in Cleveland on Monday, the third Browns player targeted in a recent string of robberies.

Newsome was robbed at gunpoint at Filter Experience on West Superior Avenue in Cleveland on Monday, according to Browns Digest. He was not harmed in the robbery.

“It’s a cruel world we live in,” Newsome wrote on Twitter, seemingly in response to the incident.

The theft comes one day after Browns running back Demetric Felton had his car stolen from a parking garage in Cleveland on Sunday, according to FOX 5 Cleveland.

In January, someone stole quarterback Deshaun Watson’s car from a dealership in North Olmstead, Ohio. Another Browns player recently had his car and jewelry stolen recently, according to Browns Digest.

Of course, in Pittsburgh, Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett had his car stolen from the Bowser Chevrolet dealership in Monroeville last month. His car — with his playbook inside — has since been recovered.

The man accused of stealing the car, 60-year-old Christopher Carter of Murrysville, skipped his hearing on Monday, and there is a warrant out for his arrest. Carter faces multiple felony charges.

Police and prosecutors have not indicated a potential motive for the theft of Pickett’s vehicle. In Cleveland, according to Browns Digest, there is a belief that Browns players may be specifically targeted in the recent crime spree.