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How Dan Moore’s New Training Regimen Transformed His Body



Steelers OT Dan Moore

PITTSBURGH — Dan Moore knows he’s coming into a critical competition in his third season. But the Steelers starting left tackle from the past two seasons is not going down without a fight as he enters a competition with Broderick Jones for the starting job this preseason.

Before Moore knew Jones would coming to Pittsburgh, he went to work in the offseason. Moore hired a chef, changed his diet completely, ate even more than he did before, and changed the types of lifts and exercises he did to build muscle. All in all, Moore went from 310 pounds at the end of the 2022 season to a chiseled 320 pounds of muscle. Moore wants to play at 315 pounds at the end of the summer and will begin cutting some fat to do that.

The thing about his transformation is that no one asked Dan Moore to do any of that. He viewed his tape after the season, though his play strength was lacking, and decided to make it a personal goal to add more muscle mass to his frame. So, he went to work and did just that.

“This was all a personal goal of mine,” Moore said. “I saw my tape and thought I could get stronger and shore up my weaknesses. That’s what I hope to do.”

That is not the only thing that Moore did on his own initiative. He started repping at right tackle on his own time, too. That is just something that he ended up doing, even though no one asked him to do it. So, Moore’s diet, workout plan, and reps on the field changed completely. He points to the diet as the biggest factor in changing his body, however.

“You know, it was my diet man, that was the biggest thing,” Moore said. “For me, I got a chef this offseason to prepare meals for me. There’s more beyond working out. I took everything outside of just working out far more seriously.”

Moore ate even more than he usually did this offseason while trying to bulk up. Those lifts he did previously were thrown out of the window. So, how will that all help Moore on the field? He believes his play strength at the point of attack, anchor, and run-blocking aggressiveness could all use a boost. He sees his transformation as a way to foster that change.

“I wanted to play so much more to play strength,” Moore said. “You know, there’s all of that with my anchoring and being grounded, too. I felt like some guys could get under me. I’m not going to let that happen anymore. Then, I really am trying to maul guys in the run game. Coach Tomlin has put an emphasis on the front five and what he wants to do to other teams. You know, I’m here to embrace that.”

With the competition already starting, Moore’s reps will be something to watch closely. With the newfound strength and muscle, he could take a leap from what he was previously, and that could make the competition all the more fascinating to watch from the jump.

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