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Diontae Johnson Shrugs Off Taunting Penalty: ‘I Didn’t See Him’



Steelers WR Diontae Johnson

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Diontae Johnson had a strong game against the Carolina Panthers after catching 10 passes for 98 yards on 10 targets. While Johnson did not find the endzone to score a touchdown for the first time this season, all in all it was an extremely good game for him.

But on the Steelers’ dominant 21-play, 91-yard touchdown drive did not come without a hiccup. Johnson, after getting a first down, got called for a taunting penalty that set back the Steelers 15 yards. They still got the touchdown, but it was one of the penalties that Mike Tomlin pointed out in the postgame has not being happy with overall.

”I was just in the moment celebrating,” Johnson said. “He was just there and he didn’t even say nothing to me. I didn’t see him there. I was just in the moment.”

For the penalty, it is likely that Diontae Johnson is correct here. The depth of the camera makes it seem like they are close in proximity; but in reality, Johnson is a bit away from the cornerback. It is a penalty that the Steelers will go over with Johnson and want to correct with his spatial awareness to see the cornerback in the future.

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