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Dwayne Haskins’ Family Sues for Cell Phone Data, Alcohol Tests from Driver



Dwayne Haskins

The family of deceased Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins has filed a lawsuit, seeking the cell phone records and the toxicology report from the driver of the dump truck that struck and killed Haskins on a Florida interstate last April.

According to a statement released by attorney Rick Ellsley on Monday, Haskins’ wife and family have filed the suit, alleging that the dump truck was traveling over the speed limit, was carrying excessive cargo, had brake system problems and was traveling on low-tread tires at the time of the accident.  

“The truck driver hit Dwayne with the front left side of the truck,” Ellsley wrote. “This is directly in front of where the driver was sitting behind the steering wheel. The driver told the police that before he hit Dwayne, he say Dwayne “ahead of his vehicle” in the center lane.

“The report also confirms that before Dwayne was killed, there were multiple other drivers who were driving in front of and behind the dump truck and saw Dwayne on the roadway and avoiding hitting him.”

The suit also alleges that Haskins may have been the victim of a targeted blackmail scheme on the night of his death and that his watch was stolen from the crime scene. A woman that was not Haskins’ wife was in his car with him before the accident.

The Broward County medical examiner’s report established Haskins’ cause of death as blunt-force trauma and ruled his death an accident. The medical examiner determined that he had alcohol and drugs in his system at the time of his death. Haskins’ blood-alcohol level was tested at .20, well above the Florida limited for driving, which is .08. He also tested positive for ketamine and norketamine, anesthetic medications that are sometimes used recreationally. Florida police ruled that Haskins was improperly in the roadway when he was struck.

Haskins was in Florida training with Steelers teammates, including fellow quarterback Mitch Trubisky and wide receiver Chase Claypool, who said he was close to being able to help Haskins before his death.

Haskins was attempting to cross the interstate to return to his vehicle, which had run out of gas, when he was hit by the dump truck in the center lane. He was also struck by a second vehicle. The drivers of both vehicles cooperated with the police investigation.

The press release did not specifically name a defendant or defendants. A copy of the lawsuit was not immediately able to be retrieved.