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Former NFL Player Rips George Pickens For Getting Mossed



Pittsburgh Steelers second-year wide receiver George Pickens has a saying “Just put it in the sky” and he’ll come down with it. Well, that didn’t happen on Saturday against the Indianapolis Colts, as he lost a 50/50 ball to Colts safety Nick Cross on a deep pass over the middle from Mitch Trubisky.

More often than not, Pickens would make that catch. But he didn’t this time around, as Cross high-pointed the ball and picked it off. Pickens has been in the news a lot recently for his outbursts about not getting the ball, as well. If Pickens wants to be a big-time player, he has to make that play.

Former Chicago Bears guard and current CBS analyst Chris Long took issue with Pickens getting Mossed.

“When Mitch throws you a jump ball and you’re the biggest, freakiest guy on the field and you get Randy Mossed between the hashes- I take issue with it,” Long said on That Other Pregame Show.

Long also blasted Pickens for quitting on a play when he should have been blocking. Jaylen Warren probably would have scored if Pickens threw a block.

“When I watch the low red area, you get your running back tackled at the 2-yard line with you standing there with your hands on your hip,” Long said of Pickens.

Pickens lack of effort on the play comes three weeks after Diontae Johnson’s mishap against the Cincinnati Bengals. Johnson flat-out quit on the play because he was denied a touchdown on the play prior and wasn’t mentally focused. D.J. Turner scooped up a fumble as Johnson stood there and watched. Pickens also appeared to make a business decision on Trubisky’s second interception late in the game against Indianapolis.

Long thinks Pickens and Johnson’s actions are a microcosm of the issues in Pittsburgh. He thinks the team doesn’t have leadership, echoing what former Steelers Ben Roethlisberger and Ryan Clark said last week.

“I think that this team doesn’t have leadership. They choose their leader by who is the most skilled guy on the field,” Long said. “And unfortunately for them, No. 14 George Pickens is the most talented guy on this football team. And it’s week after week, I question the leadership, the coaching, the presence of mind. And it’s George Pickens often in this conversation.”

Long believes accountability is lacking in the Steelers’ locker room. The supposed leaders are not taking issue with the poor effort.

“When you don’t finish your block and your team subsequently doesn’t score a touchdown, I take issue with it. And you know what else, the guys in the locker room should and they haven’t. And I’m disappointed in that,” Long said.