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Former Ravens OC Pegged as Candidate for Steelers OC Job



Ravens Steelers Greg Roman
Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman looks on during pre-game warm-ups before an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday, Jan. 1, 2023, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Terrance Williams)

The Steelers will look to make a critical offensive coordinator hire this offseason, and while some have doubts about just who they can land, some names have already started to be floated around by people as guys who make sense. But a combination of quarterback and offensive coordinator? That one is going a little deep into the water, but Robert Mays did it.

Mays, the host of the Athletic Football Show and former NFL quarterback Chase Daniel, broke down the potential landing spots for Justin Fields and the Steelers were a team that came up as a wild card possibility.

“If the Steelers decide, ‘Hey, we did the Kenny Pickett thing, even if we didn’t put him in the best position, we still think this isn’t our best path forward,’ are they a team that could look to take a big swing and try to go get somebody like this?” Mays said on The Athletic Football Show

Mays even put it out there that the team could look at former Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman to pair with Fields. The Steelers are struggling offensively. At some point, the quarterback has to make a play to spark them. But Kenny Pickett is so inconsistent that it’s tough to rely upon. Then, there is the worrying health history growing with him, too. The Steelers will be at a crossroads this offseason with their quarterback. But they’ll need some insurance.

Roman is different from anything Mike Tomlin has done in his career. Still, he does fit the mold of an experienced coach who has run successful NFL offenses before, which is not foreign to what Tomlin has done in his previous hires. In fact, after Matt Canada flunked out, that could very well end up being Tomlin’s move after going from a guy who had no offensive coordinator experience in the NFL to one he knows intimately well from playing the Ravens.