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In the Film Room With Joe Schobert: Breaking Down Big Catches from Raiders TEs



PITTSBURGH — Joe Schobert was picked on heavily on Sunday. It was to no fault of his own, and he sure did fight valiantly, but there were some opportunities that Schobert wishes he had not left on the football field, with Raiders tight ends Darrin Waller and Foster Moreau taking advantage of some weaknesses of the Pittsburgh defense.

On Wednesday, Schobert addressed those plays and the things he felt like he may have left on the field. Even still, he did feel solid overall about his day in coverage.

“I think Waller is one of the best in the league for a reason, but for the most part, I felt good,” Schobert said. “There’s obviously a few plays that I want back as a competitor and professional, and something that you need to learn from. There are a couple of little things that I could do differently to change the outcome. I’d like to have a few back, but overall, I feel good.”

One of those plays that Schobert is referring to is the touchdown he allowed to Foster Moreau.

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For the most part, this is solid coverage by Schobert, and he is in the hip pocket of Moreau. However, Derek Carr fits in an absolute dime on this play. Still, Schobert notes that there are things he can do to improve how he is playing this play overall.

“On the touchdown, I had outside leverage,” Schobert said. “I just have to use my help a little better here and not concede the outside. I was on the same sideline as the route. So, I simply have to play that up towards my help.”

Schobert is right in this regard. He certainly does not play to his help, which Terrell Edmunds on the inside. By Schobert jumping inside with Moreau on the first cut, Moreau is able to get outside and as such, get the step of separation he needs for Carr to throw this in there. This is certainly one that Schobert is rightfully justified in wanting back because he does not play to his help.

The other play that Schobert talked about was the wheel route that Waller caught on him up the field on 2nd-and-7. While covering one of the league’s best tight ends is always tough for a linebacker like Schobert, he knows there is still more he could have done. While the Raiders are in heavier personnel, they simply scheme this one up better than the Steelers do.

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“On the wheel, I wish a little faster to run with Waller,” Schobert said. “I knew they were in four-minute mode and that was a little harder because you’re covering in the wrong gap and you have to cover more ground. They called the play to win the game … they schemed that one up and motioned him over so he would be on a linebacker. They ran him on a wheel, I mean it’s Darren Waller. If I had a second attempt, I wouldn’t let it happen, but I just think they schemed it up really nicely.”

Schobert certainly battled hard in coverage, but the absence of Devin Bush made him more vulnerable than he would have liked. As long as he goes into the film room and makes these adjustments on plays like these, it should be smooth-sailing for Schobert.

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