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James Conner Talks Retooled Physique on Pat McAfee Show



Steelers running back James Conner caught some eyes last month when he shared some post-workout photos on social media looking shredded.

Now, he is sharing the plan that has him looking so trim.

Joining the Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, Conner described the quarantine workout program that led to his new physique.

Conner said that he saw the stay-at-home order as a perfect opportunity to “get back to the basics.” Staying away from the bars and utilizing bodyweight exercises and improved nutrition, he was able to compete the transformation.

“I just wanted to strict up that diet, you know,” he said. “I’ve been hitting the gym like twice a day, throughout the week. That’s just what it came to. I was in the weight room getting it in one day, took that shirt off and started flexing on them.”

“You might have to run sideways through holes,” McAfee joker.

For Conner, transforming his body is all about availability and productivity.

He shined in 2018 — his first season as a starter replacing Le’Veon Bell — rushing for 973 yards and 12 touchdowns, earning Pro Bowl honors.

Last year was a different story, as Conner missed six games, rushing for just 464 yards and four touchdowns.

If the Steelers offense is going to have the turnaround it expects this coming season, Conner will need to have best season yet.

Even though it is only June, he looks primed to do so.