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2023 NFL Draft

Joey Porter Jr: ‘Would Be Dope’ to Play With Patrick Peterson



Steelers Draft Joey Porter Jr

Bryant McFadden and Patrick Peterson have a unique relationship with Penn State cornerback Joey Porter Jr. as they were both teammates with his dad Joey Porter Sr. in the NFL. McFadden was teammates with Porter Sr. in Pittsburgh through 2005-2006 and Peterson played with Porter in Arizona in 2011. McFadden even remembers Porter Jr. as a young kid walking around the locker room.

Life as come full circle for Joey Porter Jr. as his name most likely will be called on Thursday in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Fast forward 12 years from Peterson’s rookie year in Arizona, it’s possible that Porter Jr. could join Peterson in Pittsburgh as a cornerback tandem. In fact, during the Combine, Porter was asked which corner does he look up to the most? And his answer was Peterson.

Porter, who was recently a guest on McFadden and Peterson’s “All Things Covered” podcast, explained why Pat Pete was such an iconic player to watch growing up.

“I just remember (Peterson) coming in the door when my dad was a Cardinal and he was a rookie, and he would make splash plays during his rookie season,” Porter told McFadden. “I remember he beat the Rams with a punt return or a kick return, and it was in overtime and they won the game. After I seen that, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this dude’s nice.’ I think he did it twice that year. I started watching him since then and he was a lock down corner for a long time. He was the blueprint for a long time.”

In his follow up question, Peterson cut straight to it and asked Porter how crazy would it be if they were teammates next week.

“That would be dope,” Porter said. “I already know you got a lot of knowledge on the game. I’m just going to be asking you a lot of questions if that happens. So yeah, that would be exciting.”

McFadden chimed in and said he did his first official mock draft of the year, and he had Porter going 16h overall to the Washington Commanders. Just one selection before the Steelers.

“I had to throw my bias aside, I feel like there would be an organization that would need your services before the Pittsburgh Steelers,” McFadden said. “So when 17 hit, you were already gone. But if that can happen … Man! You already know, that’s your home.”

Even though he has a personal relationship, Porter said his pre-draft interviews with Mike Tomlin were straight business.

“It’s business, so we got to treat it like business,” Porter said. “That was the main thing (Tomlin) was talking about, ‘Yeah, we have a history but if we get you it’s not going to be none of that family talk, it’s going to be business when I come in the door.’ I told him I know and I’m ready for it and I understand. I’m just ready to work.”

Porter told Peterson that he’s the best cornerback in this year’s draft, without a doubt.

“I met all the (cornerbacks) at the Combine and they’re good dudes, but I don’t think they are me at the end of the day. I feel I am the best out,” Porter said. “I feel like just coming into the draft you got to have that kind of swag, because if you don’t, it’s going to be a long day for you in the league. I just bet on myself.”

Porter is projected to go in the teens of the first round, right around when the Steelers pick at 17th overall.

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