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Mark Madden Blasts Kenny Pickett Following Trade to Eagles



Steelers Kenny Pickett

In a shocking turn of events, the Pittsburgh Steelers traded first-round pick in 2022 Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday, according to a report by Adam Schefter of ESPN. In return for the trade, Pittsburgh will receive the No. 98 overall selection along with two 2025 seventh-round picks while giving up Pickett and the No. 120 overall pick.

Pickett was once the toast of the town after a stellar career at Pitt, but things went sideways in his two seasons with the Steelers, as he struggled to stay healthy and posted a 13-13 touchdown-interception ratio.

Pickett is now out of Pittsburgh, and heading to Philadelphia to backup Jalen Hurts. That will clear the way for Russell Wilson to be the starter. Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported the Steelers made the move because of the way Pickett was poorly handling the arrival of Russell Wilson. Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated added that Pickett communicated to the team he was fine with competing for the job, then went the other way when Wilson was added.

Pickett preferred a trade, though he did not demand one, sources confirmed to Steelers Now.

Pickett unhappy with the Steelers organization comes on the heels of when he refused to dress as the emergency third quarterback in Seattle in Week 17, Steelers Now confirmed at the time. Mark Madden of 105.9 The X first reported that Pickett did not want to be dressed.

Pickett addressed the reporting in a statement before taking questions from the media following the Seattle game, and he was not pleased.

“I saw reports out there that were attacking who I am as a person, not even getting into the player standpoint of it.

“There was not talk of me being a backup quarterback this week in terms of me being a two. If I was healthy enough to play, and if the trainers and coaches felt that if I looked good enough to play, then I was going to start and play. If they believed that I was not, and they believed that I was not, I was not going to suit up for the game.

“So whoever reported that, I don’t know where it started, it’s kinda crazy what people will write and put out there to try to prove their point or help their standpoint or their careers and what you guys do. Disappointed to see that without any proof or basis of it.”

Madden is now taking a victory lap on X and on air during his show on 105.9 The X. He thinks Pickett is entitled and afraid of competition.

“Small hands, big ego, no balls. Farewell to a gutless coward who’s running away from failure to hide across the state,” Madden wrote. “Anybody doubt that Seattle story now? BIG ***KING BABY. Arrogant w/o accomplishment. I was right all along. HAW, HAW, HAW, HAW! I accept your apologies.”

Madden added that he was right about Pickett the whole time.

“I was right about this guy all along. The others weren’t. I was. And it’s only b/c I believed what we all saw instead of conjuring bull***t. OLD YELLER AIN’T NO DOG.”

Wilson said in his introductory press conference with the Steelers that he texted Pickett right after he agreed to a deal “to just tell him, hey, every day we got out there, let’s be the best version of ourselves and try to make this team better.”

Wilson also said that Cam Heyward and Minkah Fitzpatrick recruited him to come to Pittsburgh. Wilson went out to dinner on Thursday night with Cam, Connor Heyward, Pat Freiermuth, James Harrison and Charlie Batch.

Pickett must have felt betrayed by the Steelers organization, and didn’t see the relationship being reformed. He’s the second player to be traded by the Steelers this offseason, joining wide receiver Diontae Johnson, who was dealt to the Carolina Panthers. Both players requested to be traded.

Madden thinks the Steelers locker room is in a better place with Pickett and Johnson gone.

“If Diontae Johnson doesn’t want to be here, see ya! If Kenny Pickett doesn’t want to be here, see ya!” Madden said on 105.9 The X.

Madden thinks Pickett’s ego and hubris got the best of him. He believes Pickett should have waited things out and competed with Wilson. That was his best chance to get on the field.

“He won’t get a shot in Philly,” Madden said.