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Matt Canada Continues to be Impressed by Veteran QB Ben Roethlisberger



PITTSBURGH — On Saturday, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will make his season debut as the Steelers try to get him some reps against starters against the Detroit Lions at Heinz Field.

Without any in-game action up to this point, it has been tough to say exactly how well Roethlisberger fits into new offensive coordinator Matt Canada’s offense. However, for Canada, he sees Roethlisberger doing exactly what he needs to do at this juncture.

“Ben’s been teaching me since I got here,” Canada said. “I think Ben is right where he wants to be. He’s playing very well. He’s worked extremely hard to bring along the many young guys up front, working with them. We’ve got a young guy in the backfield. We’ve got a young guy at tight end. He’s certainly had some rapport with those guys on the edge. They don’t have a lot of years. JuJu [Smith-Schuster]’s got a little bit more. Ben’s worked very hard to get everyone on the same page. The few changes we’ve had in our offense, the tweaks we’ve had in terminology, he’s embraced those and learned them, as well as teaching everybody else now. I’m excited for where we all are, but he’s certainly been great.”

At this point, Canada believes the offense is past learning the verbiage. Instead, they are now at the stage where they must demonstrate and execute. Roethlisberger is at the forefront of the execution, but Canada knows the staff has to do their part of the equation as well.

“They’re all pros. Everyone has got that stuff down.,” Canada said. “We’re executing at a high level. We’re trying to build everyday a little bit more here and there. Now, it’s just our players making plays. Our job as a staff is to put them in a position to make plays and let them go play”

The Steelers do not have a defined plan on just how much they plan to play Roethlisberger just yet on Saturday. However, anything more than two series would seem excessive. It is yet to be seen if Roethlisberger will suit up for the Aug. 28 contest against the Carolina Panthers.