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Mike Tomlin Clinches NFL Record 16th Straight Non-Losing Season



Steelers Mike Tomlin

PITTSBURGH — Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers have done it again. With the victory over the Cleveland Browns, Tomlin has extended his NFL record of non-losing seasons to 16 in a row to start his coaching career, a feat that no other coach in NFL history has ever accomplished.

Pittsburgh ends the year at 9-8, and the Steelers took pride in playing for that accolade for their coach. Talking with Arthur Maulet on Friday, Maulet expressed a clear, but unspoken pride in the locker room about playing for that mark.

“We’re not about to be his first team to have a losing record,” Maulet said. “We’re not about to be known for that shit. It just can’t happen”

Since his entire career started, Tomlin has only played one game that did not have playoff implications or matter to it. As such, it is an impressive mark for Tomlin to continue to reach, although he has not made it to the playoffs every year of that streak.

In the past many times, Tomlin has mentioned that he does not care about the record. However, Mike Tomlin has outlasted such coaches as Don Shula in this record. As such, it makes that streak that much more impressive throughout the years.