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More Streaming: Amazon Lands $120M Bid to Stream 2024 NFL Wild Card Game



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The NFL has decided that one streaming-only playoff game isn’t enough. After streaming the first NFL playoff game on Peacock this past season, the NFL is moving a postseason game to Amazon Prime Video in 2024.

Amazon will pay $120 million for the right to stream a Wild Card playoff game after the  2024 season, according to a report by Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports.

Amazon had reportedly turned the NFL down in 2023, opening the door for Peacock to stream a Wild Card gale. Amazon already has the contract to stream the NFL Thursday Night Football package and also bid in 2023 for a game on Black Friday, the first in the league’s history.

The price for streaming games keeps going up. Amazon paid $100 million for the 2023 standalone Black Friday game. Peacock paid $110 million for its playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins on Jan. 14. 

That game had an average audience of 23 million viewers, making it the most-streamed game in NFL history and the most-streamed live U.S. event. The over-the-air Wild Card game in that time slot in 2022 drew 21.8 million on NBC.

Fans in the market areas of teams playing in the game have an over-the-air option, like always, but the national audience is consistently being asked to pay up if they want to access all of the NFL’s games live.