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NFL Picks Week 6




Each week, the Steelers Now staff is picking each NFL game.


Alan Saunders: 48-28
Parker Hurley: 47-29
Mike Asti: 43-33
Ron Lippock: 43-33


Mike Asti: 7-8
Parker Hurley: 10-5
Ron Lippock: 8-7
Alan Saunders: 7-8


New York Giants at New England Patriots

Asti: Patriots, although it would be semi funny if the Giants won based on the Super Bowl history.
Hurley: Patriots
Lippock: Patrios
Saunders: Patriots, but maybe Giants plus-17.


Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London

Asti: Panthers. There’s no way Carolina can lose twice to Tampa, right? Allen might actually provide a situation with less possible mistakes.
Hurley: Panthers, Kyle Allen beats a team that Cam Newton lost to earlier this year
Lippock: Buccaneers
Saunders: Panthers. This pick is sure to be wrong as I climb onto the Kyle Allen bandwagon three weeks too late.


Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs

Asti: Chiefs
Hurley: Chiefs
Lippock: Chiefs
Saunders: Chiefs in a close one.

Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns

Asti: Browns. As much as Cleveland isn’t close to as good as their hype said they would be, they aren’t as bad as they’ve seemed recently either. This is a very critical game for the Browns, who especially need to get OBJ going.
Hurley: Browns, every week America overreacts to the Browns. This week they bounceback
Lippock: Seahawks
Saunders: Seahawks

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

Asti: Ravens
Hurley: Ravens
Lippock: Ravens
Saunders: Ravens

New Orleans Saints at Jacksonville Jaguars

Asti: Saints, despite Garner Mania
Hurley: Jaguars, Garnder Mania
Lippock: Saints
Saunders: Saints

Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings

Asti: Eagles. Philadelphia is back on track and Minnesota has been up and down all year.
Hurley: Eagles
Lippock: Eagles
Saunders: Vikings


San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams

Asti: Rams. The 49ers are good, but the Rams are still the class of the NFC West, regardless what one bad game may say.
Hurley: Rams
Lippock: 49ers
Saunders: 49ers defense is even better than the Rams is.

Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals

Asti: Falcons. Atlanta has too much talent to keep losing.
Hurley: Cardinals, Does Kyler Murray get Dan Quinn fired?
Lippock: Falcons
Saunders: Cardinals, I guess? Falcons have so much more talent. No idea why they’re 1-4.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets

Asti: Cowboys
Hurley: Cowboys
Lippock: Cowboys
Saunders: Cowboys by two dozen.

Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos

Asti: Titans
Hurley: Titans
Lippock: Titans
Saunders: Titans are the better team. Is there still much of a home field advantage in Denver? I’ll roll the dice with Mariota and company.


Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers

Asti: Mike Tomlin said it best, the Steeles are playing a Hall of Fame quarterback with their third string quarterback. While I do believe Devlin “Duck” Hodges will be just as effective as any available veteran would be, he’s still going to go through the usual rookie growing pains. It will be up to the Chargers to take advantage when those mistakes happen. Even though it hasn’t led to wins, Pittsburgh’s defense has got progressively better and TJ Watt is going to make life very difficult for Philip Rivers.

This is obviously a must win game for the Steelers, but Los Angeles can’t really afford a loss either, especially after suffering a defeat at the hands of the lowly Broncos last week. I’m a bit torn and could see this game going either way.

Steelers 23 Chargers 20

Hurley: The teams the Steelers lost to are 12-3 in other games, while the Chargers 3 losses are to teams that are combined 3-7-1 with wins against Miami and Indy in overtime. Since trading for Minkah Fitzpatrick the Steelers allow just 41% of passes to be successful and lead the league in TFL, while ranking second in QB hits and sacks. The Chargers offensive line has been a liability with Russell Okung out and Mike Pouncey leaving Sunday with an injury. The Chargers defense has allowed 54% of passes to be successful. The Steelers defense should keep them in it while the Chargers defense can blow a game. Add in a limited home field advantage and this game is screaming upset

Steelers 20 Chargers 17

Lippock: The Chargers have been a very mediocre team this season. They edged the Colts week one and blew out the Dolphins for their only two wins of the season so far – losing to the Lions, Texans, and Broncos. This is a very beatable team – bottom half of NFL on offense and while top 10 on defense, they played some pretty anemic offenses to date. The Chargers are one of those teams that, if healthy. the Steelers should handle.

But, the Steelers aren’t healthy – they are without too many offensive weapons. Down to their third-string quarterback, no Samuels, no Washington, and a banged-up McDonald. And on the road against a West Coast team, where they traditionally struggle. It’s just too much to expect that a third string rookie quarterback can carry this team to a victory under those circumstances – no matter his confidence level.

The defense will keep this one close – this isn’t the same defense that collapsed versus the Rivers-led offense last season. But ultimately I see Hodges making 1-2 errors – as one would expect with a rookie quarterback, starting for the first time, on the road against a good defense. And a frustratingly patient Rivers isn’t likely to reciprocate. Rivers will pick and choose his spots, and it will be just enough. Chargers 24, Steelers 16

Saunders: I have zero faith in the Chargers being able to put away an out-gunned opponent, but make no mistake, the Steelers are out-gunned. I love Devlin Hodges, but without Jaylen Samuels and James Washington, this is quickly becoming an offense devoid of weapons. I think the Steelers defense can keep it close, but that’s it.

Chargers 20, Steelers 14


Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

Asti: Packers. Even though the Lions are legit, the Packers and Aaron Rodgers own Detroit in big games.
Hurley: Lions
Lippock: Packers
Saunders: Packers don’t lose Monday night games to the Lions.

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