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Odds: Steelers’ Super Bowl LVII Chances Plummeting




If you truly believe that the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers will win Super Bowl LVII, now is the right time to put your money where your mouth is, because as the offseason has gone on, the Steelers’ odds have gotten longer and longer.

The Steelers were at 33/1 on March 8, but since have failed to 40/1 and now 66/1, where they now sit with the 22nd-best odds in the NFL, according to odds released this week by

A lot has happened since the Steelers reached their off-season high of 33/1 odds. It’s been a busier than normal off-season across the NFL, especially involving the premium quarterback position where one name an entire team’s odds significantly.

Part of the reason for the Steelers dip has been their acquisition of Mitch Trubisky as it ended any speculation that they’d land an elite quarterback like Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson. Then Watson landed with the Steelers’ divisional rival in Cleveland, bumping the browns from 35/1 to 16/1 odds immediately after acquiring him.

But quarterback wasn’t the only position where stars moved affecting the latest odds. The top six favorites all are returning their starting quarterbacks, though two weren’t (Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers) weren’t sure they would be at the end of last season. According to Vegas, the favorites to win the Super Bowl are the Buffalo Bills, who added Von Miller to their pass rush this off-season and return Josh Allen as quarterback. They have remained the favorites since the first odds were released, but have increased from 15/2 to 27/4 after signing Von Miller.

The top five favorites according to Vegas are: Bills (27/4), Buccaneers (33/4), Kansas City Chiefs (19/2), Packers (10/1) and Los Angeles Chargers (12/1). Last year’s Super Bowl teams the Los Angeles Rams (12/1) and Cincinnati Bengals (25/1) are sixth and 13th while the New York Jets (200/1) are the biggest longshots to win the Super Bowl.

Not only are the Steelers tied for 22nd among all NFL teams, they’re dead last among teams in the AFC North, with the Baltimore Ravens checking in at 22/1.

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