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NFL Draft

Pittsburgh Could Be in Line for Economic Windfall if Steelers Host Draft



Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Draft
People gather at the NFL Draft Theatre for the second round of the NFL football draft Friday, April 30, 2021, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/David Dermer)

The Pittsburgh region could be in line for an economic boom if the Steelers land a hosting role for an upcoming NFL Draft. According to analysis from economic consulting firm Anderson Economic Group, the city of Detroit is set to land a $160 million windfall in economic impact from hosing this year’s draft.

“Hosting the NFL draft is another exciting win for Detroit and presents invaluable opportunities for the city to showcase its culture on a national stage, once again potentially fostering long-term tourism and investment prospects,” AEG vice president Tyler Theile said in a press release.

The calculations include hotel stays, restaurant and bar revenue and merchandise purposes. AEG figures that there will be over $97 million in direct impact alone, with attendees spending $35 million of that. The NFL Draft is a three-day event that brings people from all around the country to the hosting city.

The Steelers have bid to host either the 2026 or 2027 NFL Draft. After Detroit hosts this year, Green Bay, Wisconsin will be hosting the 2025 draft. Steelers president Art Rooney II said he expects the issue to be decided at the next NFL owner’s meetings in May.

“We continue to be optimistic about it,” Rooney said. “Most likely, the May meeting will be when we’ll find out.”

Since 1936, 12 different cities have hosted the NFL Draft, including Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Milwaukee,  Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C. Pittsburgh could be in line to have the longest drought between draft hosting duties. The Steel City last held the league’s annual selection meeting in 1948.