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49ers QB Brock Purdy Claps Back at Steelers’ Patrick Peterson: ‘We’ll See’



Steelers 49ers Patrick Peterson
Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson at training camp, Aug 4, 2023. -- Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

49ers QB Brock Purdy has heard about Steelers CB Patrick Peterson’s declaration that the 49ers offense has tells and he would get an interception. On his podcast, All Things CoveredPeterson noted that there were apparent tells within the offense and that people would be discussing it after he gets an interception against Purdy on Sunday.

“There is some tell signs out there that tells us what plays we’re gonna get from those guys in certain situations,” Peterson said. “When I get my pick Sunday we’ll talk about it,”

Peterson liked what he saw out of Purdy, who took the NFL by storm a year ago and led the 49ers to the NFC Championship before suffering a severe elbow injury. Now, the Steelers will be the first test for Purdy this season, and he is raring up for the matchup. But he acknowledged that a lot goes right in that offense is about Kyle Shanahan and the scheme. Purdy’s trust in that scheme allows him to be heavily successful, and that’s not bad.

“[Purdy is] just putting the ball schematically where it’s supposed to go,” Peterson said. “On the defensive side of the ball, we’re going to have to do a good job of communicating.”

However, word got back to Purdy during his press conference on Thursday. Upon hearing the comments and their nature, he was slightly surprised but had an equally confident declaration back at Peterson. A player with plenty of grit, something like that will only fuel Purdy more to make something happen on Sunday.

“I don’t know what to really say about that,” Purdy said. “Patrick Peterson is a great player, I grew up watching him. I was from Arizona, and he played for the Cardinals. That’s the competitive nature of football, I guess. But we’ll see.”

The Steelers and 49ers will square off in a heated matchup. But Pittsburgh’s defense has to slow down the 49ers’ offense for the team to have any chance. If it occurs, Peterson’s ability to get those savvy veteran interceptions could be a massive boon to the team. Purdy, on the other hand, just took notice of everything that Peterson said, and while it is respectful, that will fuel some fire into this matchup.

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