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Sleeper RB Stuns With Highlight Reel Catch at Steelers OTAs



Steelers RB Alfonzo Graham

PITTSBURGH — The RB3 position continues to be a spot on the Steelers roster that has a few questions, but Anthony McFarland is viewed as the likely candidate to win that job. However, Alfonzo Graham out of Morgan State is an undrafted player making some waves.

On Wednesday, Graham confirmed that he made a highlight reel catch that put everyone there on notice. He went up and grabbed and tracked a pass, twirling in the air, over two players to secure the grab.

“I just focused on that ball with my eye discipline,” Graham said. “Once I got here, I’m learning how to catch the ball better. But I can make those plays. I know I belong here, but that’s definitely a play that I can put on tape.”

Graham works out with a trainer outside of the time that he has in Pittsburgh on the receiving part of his game. He believes that is something that everyone on the Steelers coaching staff can be made alert of right away. So, he is tirelessly working on that part of his game.

“I really feel like I can be an underrated receiver,” Graham said. “A trainer I have back at home work on routes, releases, and all of that. It’s something I work on if the opportunity comes on when I’m spread out wide, in the slot, out there in empty, I can step up.”

While the pads have not come on just yet for Graham and there is only so much he can show without them on, he is trying to show something when the pads do start popping. Despite being from a smaller, HBCU school, he belongs on the football field and can hang with anyone.

“I belong here,” Graham said. “Don’t sleep on HBCU athletes. It doesn’t matter what school you come from. We belong. I believe I belong here.”

Graham seems to be a player that could make waves the longer the offseason work continues. He has plenty of talent to contend with, including the experienced McFarland, but there is plenty that could allow him to push the boundaries to make the team.