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Brandon Aiyuk Comments on Trade Rumors, Extension Talks: ‘Trying to Get What I Deserve’

49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk says he just wants to get what he deserves in contract extension talks.



Pittsburgh Steelers Brandon Aiyuk
49ers wide receivers Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel celebrate after a touchdown, Sept. 11, 2023 - Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

The Pittsburgh Steelers need an upgrade in the wide receiver room, even after signing Quez Watkins and Van Jefferson. It feels like they could still use two more guys in that room to make it satisfactory. And the biggest rumor around the team has been Brandon Aiyuk.

Aiyuk sparked speculation on Tuesday when he sent a message to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin on X, stating “@CoachTomlin they saying we twins. What you think?”

But 49ers general manager John Lynch, who ran into Tomlin at Michigan pro day last Friday, threw cold water on the trade rumors, stating nothing is happening there.

“I promise you, nothing’s going on there,” Lynch said of the trade rumors. “We’re actually talking to Brandon to try and figure something out. You know, we have a good history of working with the guys that we want to get done to get something done. So, can we do that? We’ll see. There’s a number of different directions that could go. But we appreciate the heck out of Brandon and what he is as a player. We want him to be a part of the Niners, so we’re going to work towards making that a reality.”

Joining the NightCap Show, Aiyuk commented back on those comments, specifically about what he wants from the 49ers and the contract extension.

“I’m trying to get what I deserve. I felt like this season, playing football, I figured out who I was as a person, as a player, what I bring to the table, what I bring to a locker room, what I bring to an organization and just the value I hold when I walk into that building because people are gonna follow me because I’ve done it the right way since I’ve been in that building,” Aiyuk said. “From the first day I walked in there, to when I was in there early this morning, I’ve done it the right way… Like I said, I can’t get into it, we got professionals working on both sides, so hopefully we can come to a professional agreement.”

That means the Steelers, at least, might be in play. Though, Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported earlier this week that those trade talks for wide receivers have quieted. But still, if Aiyuk’s contract situation remains unresolved, it at least has to be considered. And clearly, Aiyuk and the team are working on an extension, as both Lynch and Aiyuk have noted.

The most recent example of a top-flight receiver being dealt with in a similar situation was A.J. Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles. They parted with their first-round pick and their later third-round pick, the No. 101 overall pick in that year’s class. So, using that parameter, you could create a theory that maybe 20th overall and 98th overall could do it. However, the 49ers could want more than that, mainly because there has to be a clear desire to keep Aiyuk.

But for now, Brandon Aiyuk seems to be staying put. And certainly, the 49ers do not have to rush to trade him if it comes to that. They seem to have the room to keep him on the roster for this year, which will be the year he will on his fifth-year option, and so an extension seems very possible.