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Brock Purdy Takes Shot at Patrick Peterson After Drubbing Steelers



Steelers 49ers QB Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy is one confident young man after his Sunday standout performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But it might just feel better than it usually does. Leading up to the game, Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson called out tells in the 49ers offense, stating he would pick Brock Purdy at some point on Sunday. That never did happen.

Instead, Purdy went right at Peterson, targeting Brandon Aiyuk multiple times. As a result, Peterson was credited with allowing two touchdowns on the day. The second touchdown, Aiyuk went over Peterson in tight coverage and wrestled it away from him for a touchdown. In his postgame press conference, Purdy had a solid response to that.

“The second touchdown on the right side, the deep ball, was that on Patrick Peterson? That was one, yeah, that was good,” Purdy said. “It was good, he’s a competitor, and I have nothing but respect for Patrick Peterson and everything that he does.”

After the game, Peterson responded to his comments earlier in the week and asked if the 49ers ditched their tells. Peterson thought they were all there, but he did not capitalize on those plays, noting that he had two passes go right through his hands.

“No, those were there,” Peterson said. “I had an opportunity to grab two picks, I just didn’t grab it in. You know, but credit to those guys, and they did a great job of sticking to their gameplan and really getting into their identity which is running the ball, misdirections, hit the bang eights, hit those bang stops. That’s just what they do. We weren’t in a good enough position to make those plays.”

A laundry list of issues forced the Steelers to lose the game. The secondary did not play well, but the front allowed Christian McCaffrey to burn them up and down the football field. Pittsburgh will now have to return to the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex and figure out what went wrong in the game and how to fix it.

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