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‘3 Dollar Lineman’: Cam Heyward Has a Message for the Haters



Steelers DL Cam Heyward

Cam Heyward has received what he perceives as slights over the past few weeks towards his game, including being left of a list of potential future Hall of Famers and what he perceived as being labeled a ‘3 Dollar Lineman‘ by Pro Football Focus in an exercise on Twitter. 

“Love being called a 3 dollar d lineman,” Heyward said. “Great to know what y’all think my worth.”

It could be easy to say that Cam Heyward should simply avoid all of this and not respond. However, he took to Instagram on Wednesday to describe just why he takes things so personally at this stage in his career. A lot of it comes from the place of being a football guy from the time he was a little kid. His dad, Craig ‘Ironhead’ Heyward instilled football in him from the time he could walk. 

There’s a sense of pride that Heyward takes in his game that he does see being reciprocated when doubters, such as the one above, bring perceived disrespect to the table. So, he takes that so personally right from jump whenever he sees it manifest on social media or in other arenas.

“Too many people ask why I take things so personal and I shouldn’t take everything to heart. Let me share my insight- I get to live out my dream out everyday,” Heyward said. “I get to work and think about how I can be better with every fiber in my body. When I win it’s how do I duplicate or improve in the next performance. When I lose I feel like I let the place where I was born down,I let my teammates down because I can be better. I want to be known as the best at my position because I don’t think people play the game like me and I’ll work my tail off for it. I inherited this game from my pops and I owe it to him and the fam to carry on this legacy. Also you inherit so much history and legacy when you put on the black and gold. I owe it to my teammates to take it personal and be accountable. I guess all I’m saying is more work to be done.”

Regardless of what people will say and think about Heyward, he has proven to be an elite defensive lineman for years, even into his mid 30s. The ageless wonder of the Steelers defensive line has proven to himself and others that he is one of the best interior disruptors the game has to offer over a decade into his career. So, with Heyward chasing a Super Bowl ring, it’s no question as to why he is going to try and take everything personally for motivation.