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Ex-Steelers Cap Guru Departs Panthers Organization

Samir Suleiman is leaving the Panthers organization.



Steelers Samir Suleiman

After interviewing for the Panthers general manager job and not getting it, former Pittsburgh Steelers’ cap guru Samir Suleiman has departed the organization. New general manager Dan Morgan is clearing out positions as the new general manager, and Suleiman is not being retained.

Suleiman left the Steelers to join the Panthers organization under former Steelers minority owner David Tepper. He left the organization in 2020 but worked closely under now-general manager Omar Khan as the mentee of the main ‘cap guy.’ That job is Cole Marcoux’s under the new-look Pittsburgh front office.

For Suleiman, a return to Pittsburgh is murky. But there is always the chance he could become part of the hierarchy. Khan has looked to expand some roles, and Suleiman’s return could be in the cards if Khan finds the proper role for him, considering how closely they worked with one another.

He is held in high regard around the organization and has become an integral part of their process throughout the last few seasons.

“So, when I got this job I had to pass on several of my responsibilities to Cole,” Khan said at the NFL Annual Meetings earlier this offseason. “He got promoted and he’s done an amazing job. He’s an Ivy Leaguer and has spent a lot of time at the league office. He sees things a little differently. He’s got a great perspective on things.”

Part of what got Khan noticed in the first place was pushing the envelope in terms of making thins work inside the salary cap structure, and he sees some of that in Marcoux, as well.

“One thing I’ll say on Cole is he’s an idea guy,” Khan said. “I’ve been here for two days and in two out of three days he’s texted me for an idea on something or a guy to look at. That’s just how he is.”

When he was coming out as a football recruit, Marcoux was picked to play in the U.S. Army All American Bowl, and trained with Tom Brady, Brian Hoyer and their private quarterback coach.