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Steelers Guard Battle: Strengths, Weaknesses of Kendrick Green, Kevin Dotson



Pittsburgh Steelers LG Kevin Dotson Kendrick Green

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a left guard battle on their hands between Kevin Dotson and Kendrick Green. Both are young players who bring different strengths and struggle with different weaknesses. But Dotson has a clear edge in his size, frame and the positive games he’s put together. If Green wants to overtake Dotson as the Steelers left guard, he’ll have to maximize his speed and explosiveness as a pulling guard and minimize his size disadvantage in close quarters against the bigger defensive linemen in the NFL.

Also, a caller asks Chris Carter about the Steelers’ special teams, leading to analysis and statistics on the unit during the tenure of special teams coach Danny Smith. There’s a clear difference between the Steelers’ special teams issues they had before hiring Smith and where they are now.

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