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JuJu Smith-Schuster: Andy Reid Gives ‘Mike Tomlin Vibes’



JuJu Smith-Schuster
JuJu Smith-Schuster -- ED THOMPSON

After former Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster had a Pittsburgh farewell event Sunday that Nick Farabaugh covered, he reported back to his new team to get started working at the Chiefs’ minicamp.

The sixth-year wide receiver took the podium to address Kansas City media Tuesday. There, he was asked about his first impressions of his new head coach Andy Reid. His first response was a comparison to Mike Tomlin.

“He gives me the coach Tomlin vibe,” Smith-Schuster said about Reid Tuesday. “Coach Tomlin is a defensive-minded guy. He loves it, everything, he controls the defensive part. I come here, and Andy Reid coaches the offense. He’s in there telling us what to do.”

Both Tomlin and Reid specialize on opposite sides of the ball. Tomlin is known to be more involved with the Steelers’ defensive game plans while Reid is known for offensive game plans. Smith-Schuster noted he wasn’t used to seeing that on offense and how it impacted the role of the offensive coordinator, Eric Bienemy, under Reid.

“As a head coach, it’s different versus the OC doing it,” Smith-Schuster continued. “Not saying the OC doesn’t, I feel like all the coaches do. But it’s actually really cool that Andy Reid is an offensive-minded guy. That’s the cool part that I like. The more I talk to him, he’s really funny.”

Tomlin and Reid have have each won a Super Bowl championship and have at least 15 years of experience as head coaches. It’s natural for head coaches to be more involved with the particular phase of team’s game plans which they are more familiar with.

But for Smith-Schuster, Reid’s focus as a head coach will be on offense and give him more direct oversight from one of the better offensive minds in the NFL. The comparison of the two coaches is a testament to both their careers, but also a note in their coaching differences.

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