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Steelers May Have New Trade Target in Darius Slayton

There could be another possible Pittsburgh Steelers trade target as Darius Slayton is looking for a new contract.



Pittsburgh Steelers Target WR Darius Slayton
Darius Slayton, Alexander Jonesi

Another day. and potentially, another potential trade target for the Pittsburgh Steelers at wide receiver. The idea that they could go land someone like Courtland Sutton or Brandon Aiyuk is being talked about a great deal. It makes sense given the team’s needs and reported desire to land a top fish at the position.

But for now, Aiyuk and the 49ers remain engaged in contract talks while Sutton would carry a costly cap hit, though the Broncos could potentially eat some of that to drive up the price.

Aiyuk needs a new extension. Second, the Steelers have to be willing to give up the correct amount of compensation to land Aiyuk. The one report out there is that the Jacksonville Jaguars were interested in Aiyuk, and the cost to them would have been giving up the 17th overall pick and wide receiver Zay Jones.

Sutton reportedly wants a new deal, too. The third player who could be an option also wants a new contract, as New York Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton did not report for the team’s first phase of offseason workouts.

This could be an under-the-radar strong move for the Steelers if they were willing to cough up some draft capital. Slayton is still on an affordable deal, and a new contract will not break the bank. Theoretically, the team will want to pay George Pickens after this season, and Slayton’s contract does not prevent them from doing that, even in the event of a new deal.

Slayton has never eclipsed 800 yards in a season, largely due to some poor quarterback play. But he has led the Giants in receiving yards for four of the five seasons in the Big Apple. A consistent contributor and deceptive route runner, Slayton is one of the league’s more underappreciated players.

A taller player with the speed to burn can be a vertical threat who can open. However, one of the most underrated aspects of Slayton’s game is his blocking. With those two things combined together, the schematic fit for Slayton actually makes a ton of sense for the Steelers. For a draft capital value, I’m not really sure where the league would approach Slayton, but I would assume it would land on a day-three pick.

He’s not the home run hit that someone like Aiyuk is, but Slayton is a consistently productive player with a high floor that fits what the Steelers want to do offensively. That’s a recipe for success, even if the team is likely to nab someone in the NFL Draft, too. So, if Slayton’s contract request ends up devolving into trade talks, and it might if the Giants grab one of the top receivers with Wan’Dale Robinson and Jalin Hyatt in that room, too, then Pittsburgh should be at the front of that line.