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NFL Combine

Steelers Meet with Multiple Defensive Tackles at NFL Combine

The Pittsburgh Steelers are showing interest in a first round defensive tackle from Texas named Byron Murphy.



Pittsburgh Steelers Byron Murphy

INDIANAPOLIS — The Pittsburgh Steelers are at the NFL Combine and met with multiple defensive tackles, but one stuck out from the rest — Texas defensive tackle Byron Murphy. Murphy met formally with the Steelers, and as a projected Top-15 pick, that raises some eyebrows. That is on top of four linebackers they had formal interviews with on Wednesday.

Murphy is a 6-foot-1, 308-pound defensive lineman who is thought of by many as either the best defensive lineman in the class or one of the best, but he is a consensus first-round pick. He brings an explosive first step and significant pass rush upside despite questions about his schematic versatility up front and his size. Murphy is expected to be long gone by the time the Steelers pick at 20, but the fact that they are doing diligence on him at least means they are interested.

Pittsburgh is also formally meeting with Clemson defensive lineman Ruke Orhorhoro and Texas A&M defensive lineman McKinnley Jackson. Orhorhoro is expected to go on in the middle of day two, while Jackson will go later on day two. Either way, this is a significant point of interest for the team, and they want to land someone in this class. And it makes sense why they would.

Cam Heyward is 35 years old and in the last year of his contract, while Larry Ogunjobi will be 30 and had a disappointing 2023. Beyond that, Keeanu Benton had a great season, but Armon Watts and Montravius Adams are free agents. Even if one of them returns, depth is a serious issue that needs to be fixed, and with DeMarvin Leal taking a step back in the rotation, another young player could be in line.

The Steelers and all other 31 NFL teams get 45 18-minute formal interviews at the NFL Combine. They also can meet with players informally.