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Steelers Miss Out on Jets Wide Receiver Trade



Steelers Denzel Mims

Denzel Mims will not be coming to the Steelers, but will instead be heading to the Detroit Lions. Connor Rogers of SNY reported that the Jets are trading Mims to the Lions, ending any chances of Pittsburgh adding the talented receiver with some serious upside.

Multiple reports said that the Steelers were in on a Mims deal. It made sense, given the fact that Mims was a highly productive receiver at Baylor under the watchful eyes of Steelers wide receivers coach Frisman Jackson. But the reality was the team had a lot invested in the position and some other team likely could give up a smidge more than they would.

The Lions were willing to give up a conditional 6th rounder for the 7th rounder of the Jets in 2025 in addition to Mims. While Pittsburgh could have done that, and they have shown a flexibility to get rid of day three picks in the past to add guys, they likely felt comfortable enough with the room they have right now.

Mims. 25, has 42 career catches for 676 yards and has never scored a touchdown. In 2022, he caught 11 passes for 186 yards as he moved in and out of the lineup with questions around Elijah Moore and other injuries occurring. Still, Mims never got a firm foothold in the rotation and was benched was everything settled back into place.

The Steelers have plenty of guys similar to Mims, such as Hakeem Butler and Miles Boykin, that provide upside with their athleticism and size. The difference with Mims is that he does not play much special teams. So, even if traded for by the Steelers, his path to the roster was one that was murkier than most projections. Now, that will not happen and the team still has 90 men on their roster a week out from training camp.