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‘Dynamite’ Nick Herbig Proving Size Doesn’t Always Matter



Steelers OLB Nick Herbig

PITTSBURGH — Don’t tell Nick Herbig that he did something extraordinary. The Steelers’ fourth-round rookie outside linebacker is taking his first two standout performances in stride as a happening in life. But what he is doing through two preseason games is generally not normal for a rookie with his draft capital. With an array of pass-rush moves, Nick Herbig is proving to be a menace, even taking it to start Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins.

“Dynamite comes in small packages,” Herbig said. “I know the player I am. None of that matters to me.”

Herbig’s strip-sack showcased elite bend that seemed to be otherworldly. But it was all over the tape at Wisconsin, and it is now translating up to the NFL level. His dominating day is just another proof of the concept that sometimes, size is not always king in the NFL. There are attributes that make Herbig specifically viable as a pass rusher on the outside.

It helps for Herbig to have three veterans that have done it for a while in the NFL. He takes a little bit from T.J. Watt, Alex Higshmith, and Markus Golden. That gives the Steelers’ rookie a unique opportunity to build an already deep repertoire of pass rush moves out even more.

“I mean, I got three All-Pros in my room, why wouldn’t I take from them.” Herbig said. “There’s some of the best ever to touch the field at my position. So, you know, a wise man once said to be a sponge and soak up all the information that you can.”

Herbig now has one more preseason game to keep up what he is doing and get onto the football field in the regular season. It is likely that he will see those rotational reps along with Golden when the season starts. The Steelers seem to four deep at the position already.

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