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2024 NFL Draft

Who Helped Their Stock the Most at the Senior Bowl?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and others watched Senior Bowl practices. Who is the biggest riser of the week?



Pittsburgh Steelers WR Roman Wilson

MOBILE, Ala. — The Pittsburgh Steelers and 31 other teams came down to the Senior Bowl to evaluate all the prospects here. But who were the biggest risers of the week that helped themselves relative to the field? Here are three of those guys from this week that stood out.

Michigan WR Roman Wilson

Roman Wilson came into this week as just another guy among these wide receivers. Yes, he had plenty of intrigue after a white-hot start to the season, and the tape is pretty good. Wilson has fantastic footwork, allowing him to explode in and out of his breaks to create separation. But there were questions about how he could handle guys who would get their hands on him and try to be physical with a lean frame. And in general, the routes needed to show some urgency, tempo, and nuance to take the leap to the next step.

I can comfortably say he checked all of those boxes in Mobile. Wilson showed off his ability to defeat a longer, physical cornerback in Quinyon Mitchell on Wednesday. He switched up route tempos, but it was not the type of releases that would throw the play off the intended timing of the quarterback into his drop. His bag is way bottomless than he was given credit for, and it seemed like he won at all three field levels. Wilson comes out of this a massive winner. For my buck, relative to expectations, he helped his stock the most at wide receiver.

Baylor DL Gabe Hall

If you have found someone who can block Gabe Hall in Mobile, send them to me. Hall had an absurdly dominant week in Mobile, and no one could handle his entire set of moves. And he has a versatile set of moves, hitting linemen with a cross chop, club-swim, and then coming back and getting right into their chest with speed-to-power. All of that comes back to Hall raising his stock significantly. He had a week that was reminiscent of the week Keeanu Benton had last year in Mobile.

Hall had a great frame for the position, and the explosiveness of his stance came out right away. He plays with excellent pad level, giving him a great base to work with right off the jump. His flexibility to bend that corner in the line’s interior is impressive. Then, team period came, and Hall just continued to wreck the run game and pressured the quarterbacks in the passing game. Stock way up for Hall, who looks like a stud.

Oklahoma OT Tyler Guyton

The last riser is Oklahoma tackle Tyler Guyton. Coming into the Senior Bowl, all of the talk about Guyton was his potential, but the lack of tape led to some questions, and now all of them were answered here in Mobile, but I came away thinking that Guyton’s hype as a first-rounder is quite justified.

Let’s start with the negatives. For one, his hang usage and placement are all over the place. Guyton gets wide with his hands and, at times, can get caught bending over, thus stopping his feet and allowing rushers to get past him. But his feet are sweet and smooth. Man, he gets deep into his Saints and looks fluid.

In one-on-ones, no one could consistently stop Guyton from stonewalling pass rushers. He had reps where those technical problems came up, and he has those, but the potential was on display, and he looks more polished in a setting like the Senior Bowl than I thought he would. I would now be comfortable taking him at 20th overall.