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LaVar Arrington Thinks Russell Wilson Is Too Soft For Pittsburgh



Pittsburgh Steelers Russell Wilson

If anyone knows about the football culture of Pittsburgh, it’s former NFL linebacker LaVar Arrington. Arrington, who starred at North Hills and went on to have a prestigious career at Penn State, was a hard-nosed, blue-collar, no-nonsense linebacker. His play certainly resembled the city that he was born in.

So when Arrington states that soon-to-be former Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson is “soft” and wouldn’t be a fit in the Steel City, it definitely raises some eyebrows.

“I just don’t think his personality is a conducive personality for the Pittsburgh way,” Arrington said on the Fox Sports’ 2 Pros & A Cup of Joe show. “He’s soft.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a betting favorite to land Wilson. Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson even claims to have inside info that Wilson will sign with Pittsburgh.

“We gotta work on the Steelers now,” Johnson said on the Nightcap Show. “A little birdie told me, and I said this many shows ago, Russell Wilson’s coming on over to the Steelers.”

Arrington thinks Wilson’s flashy style of suits wouldn’t be a fit in the Pittsburgh market. Overall, he just thinks he’s a prima donna. Coaches in Denver expressed similar sentiments when Wilson had his own office at the team facility.

“Although the league is a fashionable place anymore. I get it. Guys dress and wear these interesting outfits and all that stuff. I’m just saying some of that stuff doesn’t fly in certain markets,” Arrington said.

Wilson married famous singer-songwriter, dancer, model and actress, Ciara, in 2016. He’s also done some acting, appearing in the 2015 film Entourage. Arrington just doesn’t think he has the same grit as he once did. He thinks he went Hollywood.

“He was still hungry when he was that guy at Wisconsin and went to Seattle,” Arrington said. “He’s not what he is now. He’s like a superstar now. Entourage, he was in the movie. He’s an actorHe’s married to an amazing performer. He’s just a different dude. He’s evolved. And I don’t know that his evolution would fit in a place like Pittsburgh.”

Arrington admitted that Wilson is a better option at quarterback than Kenny Pickett, but he still doesn’t think he’s worthy of signing. Wilson’s play has declined, so it wouldn’t be a drastic upgrade. Wilson’s personality and flashy suits is not the main reason why Arrington doesn’t want Wilson in Pittsburgh, but he does think it plays a factor.

“I’m a tad bit Neanderthal-ish on this,” he said. “And I know they play on the North Side of Pittsburgh. And if you’re from the Burgh, you know exactly what I mean.”