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Watch WPXI Final Word: Kenny Pickett Next Steps? Steelers Offense Evolution



Pittsburgh Steelers training camp, Dan Kingerski, Paul Zeise and Chris Carter Debate

Analysis of the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp, what do you want to see from Kenny Pickett, some Pittsburgh Pirates trade talk, and some Penguins trade talk, too.

It was a raucous Sunday night WPXI Final Word with our Dan Kingerski, 93-7 the Fan’s Paul Zeise, and Locked on Steelers podcast host Chris Carter. Host Jenna Harner teed up the questions, and before long, there was yelling, hand waving, and laughter.

The show is always a must-watch for sports fans, and WPXI features the Sports Now Group (that’s us) every week. We’re never sure how many subtle pop culture references, old and new, Kingerski will slip in, he claims, for his own amusement. We counted two this week.

Segment One: Pickett and Steelers Training Camp:

What are the next steps you want to see from Kenny Pickett and five words on Steelers training camp? Zeise’s arms were waiving just moments into the show:


Segment Two: Steelers Offense Evolution, Pirates and Penguins Trade Talk


The Final Word: Pirates Plans and Joey Porter Jr. Impressing at Steelers Camp:

The fastest half-hour in sports TV wraps with a rapid-fire opinion on the Pirates and Porter Jr.’s immediate progress.

Segment 3:


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