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Ryan Clark: Steelers Are Operating in Un-Steelers-Like Way



Steelers FS Ryan Clark

In early March, former Pittsburgh Steelers free safety and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark ripped the Steelers supposed plan to keep Kenny Pickett as their quarterback. Well, not even a month later, a lot has changed.

A combination of unforeseen happenings unfolded in the next few weeks that resulted in the Steelers landing Russell Wilson on a one-year veteran minimum deal and acquiring Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears via a trade

Pickett was the team’s only quarterback on the roster prior to free agency, so the Steelers had to make additions. The Wilson signing wasn’t to Pickett’s liking, however, and he requested to be traded. The Steelers obliged and sent him to Philadelphia. And that is when the flood gates opened for Fields.

Clark is singing a different tune now. He’s pleasantly surprised by the Steelers moves.

“The Steelers are operating in the most unlike Steeler way I’ve ever seen,” Clark said ESPN’s First Take Wednesday. “Omar Khan is not on that, we gotta just build through the draft or we gotta wait ’til these guys develop.

“The loyalties I think that Coach (Mike) Tomlin has shown some people like a Matt Canada, like a Kenny Pickett, I think those things are over. What he did with Ben Roethlisberger kind of riding him out towards the end of his career in hopes of winning a championship. All of that stuff is done. They are trying to win right now.”

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has repeatedly stated that Wilson has “pole position” to be the starting quarterback, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a competition. Fields will be given a fair opportunity. Wilson is just the starter as of now because of his pedigree.

Clark thinks Fields should beat out Wilson in a competition. And for the Steelers sake, Clark believes they should want Fields to win.

“If you give Justin Fields, in my opinion, an opportunity to win this quarterback competition outright, I believe he does,” Clark said. “If you’re the Pittsburgh Steelers, you should want Justin Fields to win this job.”