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Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl: Texas A&M QB Kellen Mond Wants to Prove His Consistency



MOBILE, Ala. — Quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl, especially this season, have largely different skillsets they want to showcase on the week.

For Texas A&M quarterback Kellen Mond, that meant illustrating consistency and his overall skillset. Mond, most importantly, wanted to illustrate consistent accuracy.

“The main thing is coming out here and showing my consistency,” Mond said. “One in the intermediate game but also the deep ball. Some of that is just with my feet and being faster, so that’s the main thing I’ve been working on.”

Mond also wanted to prove his efficiency and demonstrate just how his skillset could translate to the next level. As an athletic, often rhythm-based quarterback who can make plays happen out of structure, Mond is one of the toolsiest quarterbacks in Mobile.

“I think that (mobility) is huge,” Mond noted. “Obviously being able to run on third down, but also just being athletic in the pocket. You know, it can be one small movement. That is something I take pride in. You see Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson doing it. It just adds a lot more to your game.”

Mond will look to display his intriguing tools on the field and parlay that into a draft stock rise throughout the rest of the week in Mobile.