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Steelers Are Browns TE David Njoku’s Most Hated Team: ‘I Just Can’t Stand Them’



Browns Tight End David Njoku
Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku before a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Nov. 19, 2023. -- Steelers Now / Ed Thompson

It’s no secret that the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns hate each other. It’s the oldest rivalry in the AFC and the cities are only separated by 130 miles, so it has like a backyard rivalry type of feel similar to college football.

There’s no love lost between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. And the rivalry has picked up in recent years due to primarily Myles Garrett and the Mason Rudolph incident in 2019. The T.J. Watt-Garrett debate between the two fanbases has also electrified things.

So, it wasn’t really surprising when Browns tight end David Njoku named the Steelers as his most hated team on a the QB Unplugged podcast recently with his quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Watson posed the question, if you had to pick one team in our division, who do you hate the most.

“I love playing the Ravens the most. For some reason I just love playing the Ravens. That game is so electric. The most hated I think? The Steelers … I just can’t stand them,” Njoku responded.

For years, the Browns were the laughing stock of the league and an easy two win for the Steelers ever year. Things have changed recently, however, as the Browns are at least respectable under head coach Kevin Stafanski and general manager Andrew Berry. In fact, since Berry and Stefanski took over the Browns in 2020, only the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys have more 11+ win seasons.

The Steelers are 6-5 against the Browns since 2019, but Cleveland does hold a 2020 wild-card playoff win over Pittsburgh.

On the same podcast, Watson touched on the addition of Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers and AFC North. With Mike Tomlin already declaring that Russell Wilson is the starter, Watson questions whether Pittsburgh was the best landing spot for Fields.

“For me, and I’m very on the conservative side, so I think Russell’s gonna be better. I think they should have a competition, best man wins, at the end of the day, but to each his own,” Watson said when asked if he thought Fields would become the starter by the end of the year. “That’s their own organization, they said Russell’s the guy. I think if he’s the guy, I think Justin could have went to a better situation so he can play.”

Watson has been talking about the Steelers a lot on his podcast lately, as he also commented on the Steelers’ decision to add Russell Wilson to the quarterback room in a previous episode.

“It just made sense for [Wilson] to go there. I think it was them or New York, but New York, I feel like they’re starting over. Pittsburgh feels like they’ve got pieces, just because of Tomlin. They’re gonna compete. Welcome to the North, man, where things get real, real, real, real spooky,” Watson said. “Pittsburgh’s a good organization. It’s crazy for me to say that, I’m just keeping it 100, because I’m a Brown. But at the end of the day you gotta give respect where respect is due. Tomlin is gonna have them boys right.”