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Steelers Believe T.J. Watt Tore Pec




Steelers star linebacker T.J. Watt called it as he walked off the field with an injury during his team’s 23-20 win against the Cincinnati Bengals.

It doesn’t take a lip-reading specialist to figure this one out. Watt says “I tore my pec” as he comes off the field.

And while Watt isn’t a doctor, it appears he might’ve been right.

Steelers fans can hold their breath until Monday, but the chances Watt emerges from this one to play Week 2 appear nonexistent. He immediately knew something was wrong, and early indications point to the same.

A low-grade pec tear typically requires four to six weeks to recover, while a more severe injury can take three to four months.

Back on Oct. 13, 2019, Steelers defensive lineman Stephon Tuitt tore his pectoral muscle in a Week 6 encounter against the Los Angeles Chargers.

He didn’t play another snap that season.

Steelers fans undoubtedly hope for better news regarding Watt, but this type of injury, particularly for a player who is engaged in a game of leverage and power on almost every play, historically is not good.

The Steelers eventually escaped Cincinnati’s Paycor Stadium with a victory, but this certainly dampens the celebration.

Watt racked up six tackles, a sack, an interception, and a handful of disruptive plays that didn’t register on the stat sheet before leaving the game.

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