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Steelers Cam Heyward on Reprimand of Devin Bush on Social Media: ‘I Don’t Have to Say a Lot’



Schedule Protector Cam Heyward

PITTSBURGH — Steelers defensive captain Cam Heyward took the somewhat unusual step of issuing a public reprimand to a teammate earlier this month, when he told young linebacker Devin Bush to “calm your ass down” after a string of controversial social media posts.

Cam Heyward to Devin Bush: ‘Calm Your Ass Down’

The good news for Heyward is that he says he doesn’t have to make those kinds of statements very often.

“Devin’s a grownup, he just likes to play young,” Heyward said. “I don’t have to say a lot. I think everybody’s expected something different.”

After Heyward’s rebuke, Bush jokingly threatened to keep posting on social media, quoting the movie Friday.

“I got mind control over Cam,” Bush tweeted. “He tell me to “Calm my ass down” I be calm, but when he log off…. I be talking again.”

But Bush hasn’t tweeted since and not at all since the team reported to training camp.

“Devin is a hell of a football player,” Heyward said. “He can be a kid at times. We’ll rein him back in when we have to.”