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Steelers Get No Help, Playoff Hopes on Life Support



Colts QB Gardner Minshew Steelers Playoff

The Steeler’s playoff hopes needed some help on Sunday, but they got none. All the teams they needed to lose instead pulled out victories, forcing Pittsburgh into a must-win position against the Seahawks. As such, they will face elimination, and if the Chargers defeat the Broncos in addition to a Steelers loss, they are eliminated from the playoffs.

The Texans and Jaguars breezed through their games. Houston won 26-3 easily over the Titans, who lost quarterback Will Levis in the game. Ryan Tannehill was unable to bring the Titans even close. Now, the Steelers need the Titans help next week to defeat a Jaguars team that could have Trevor Lawrence back.

The Jaguars, even with backup C.J. Beathard, feasted on an undermanned Panthers team playing without kicker Eddy Pineiro. Pineiro suffered a hamstring injury in pre-game warmups, and the Panthers did not move the ball well all game. Jacksonville’s defense pushed a shutout in a dominant 26-0 win. That dealt a sharp blow to the Steelers’ playoff hopes.

The Colts had some more theatrics going on, but held firm throughout the game. After leading 14-3 at the half, a Davante Adams touchdown pushed the Raiders within four points. They pulled out a close win after driving late into their territory, but they held strong, winning 23-20 on the day.

The Bills nearly let the Patriots come back into the game to help the Steelers’ playoff hopes, but instead, they closed late, winning a nail-biter 27-21 to stay in the sixth seed and play for a division title after the Ravens thrashed the Dolphins. Pittsburgh now must win this week, and hope for some help next week to make the playoffs.


1 Baltimore Ravens 13-3
2 Miami Dolphins 11-5
3 Kansas City Chiefs 9-6
4 Jacksonville Jaguars 9-7
5 Cleveland Browns 11-5
6 Buffalo Bills 10-6
7 Indianapolis Colts 9-7
8 Houston Texans 9-7
9 Pittsburgh Steelers 8-7
10 Cincinnati Bengals 8-7
11 Denver Broncos 7-8
12 Las Vegas Raiders 7-9
13 New York Jets 6-10
14 Los Angeles Chargers 5-10
15 Tennessee Titans 5-11
16 New England Patriots 4-12